Who do you want to be?


You are Bill. You do X, Y and Z and enjoy most of what you do. You are OK with work and things are going OK, good on ya. Has there ever been a time when you’ve said “I wish I was able to do that”, or “I wish I was better at X”? I’m going to assume so. I do. I wish I’d be better at writing articles on Oyster card wallets instead of self-development, but hey, Oyster wallets are dull.


The reason for this post is due to me reading more. I don’t read fiction, it’s wasted on me, I read biographies and well researched books on important topics. When you start to notice the achievements of people, either adventurers or simply (?) academics, it makes you wonder if you are reaching your potential. What IS your potential? What’s mine? Could I be any of these people I’m reading about or the author, focusing my life on a single topic to educate the World? I wish I were an ultra-marathon running.


I wish I was, but I only wish I could be without the work. In other words I’m being lazy, with my actions or my words – do I really wish this? I don’t really, but I do respect people who do and want to emulate some of that. I need to take that and wrap that passion and focus/control around my life to help me feel I fulfil that aspect of my existence.


I ‘ve been musing this for a week or so. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but when taking a break from the Oyster card wallet game I met a man who introduced me to an interesting concept to ensure you live your life. YOUR life. Look at those people around you respect. Take the qualities from each person and make a list. Eventually you’ll have YOUR interpretation of the perfect person and a template for you to work on. As you go through your days you’ll have constant reminders of how you should be acting in every corner of your life.


I use this daily and I love where it’s taking me, but I still find myself seeing others and wanting some part of their life and catching myself wishing. So it’s time to decide – do you stop being lazy with your words and stop saying such things, understanding you don’t really want that, you just like the idea of what it brings and that’s as much involvement as you want, or stop being lazy in general and get your running shoes on.


I’m pulling on my shoes. I’m not going to go run 100 miles tomorrow but I am going to test my threshold. I am going to push my body and I will eagerly devote some of my life to the extreme. I don’t want anything from it, other than to feel I’m someone a peer will look to for that trait they want to emulate. In this way I’ll hopefully spur on someone to greater things, refresh a life, heal a hurt, or simply offer a change to their norm.


I’m more aware now than I ever have been on the words I use and I’ll restrict my ‘I wish’s’’ but I love who I’m becoming and I hope you are too. If you aren’t, for whatever reason, look around you and seek out the people who have what you want (not things, but their ‘being). Don’t be lazy, go grab it and dedicate yourself to something.


I hope we both can move forward together. I wish you all the best. Now the mandatory explanation that this post is brought to you by CarbonCube Design, with the intention of bringing more love and happiness to the World. With that, of course, comes Oyster Card wallets and the design and production that we offer. There’s no getting round this fact and the truth is Oyster wallets, coming in all the shapes sizes designs and iterations, allow for me to write this stuff.


In the coming months I’ll have a blog that goes away from Oyster card holders, but for the time being, this will do.