Do you feel creative? Today let’s chat about creative writing an creative oyster wallets.

Odd question for you… Have you ever thought of writing? Not just writing an email, or writing a letter, but sitting down and just writing your thoughts, or writing a story, writing, well, anything?

Neither had I until I started these blogs. It had never occurred to me as a thing, but starting to write over the past month has been a revelation. It started with me needing to simply put some words down on ‘paper’ regarding Oyster Card Wallets and how we at CarbonCube Design do what we can to get the best for our clients but it morphed. Away from printing on plastic I have a life and thoughts which, in my opinion, are worth sharing. From spirituality, science, politics and more, there are so many topics that are worthy of a good discussion. Discussion implies a 2-way chat which I guess this isn’t, but I hope some of these blog posts bring up questions in your head and that conversation doesn’t end with the last tap of my keyboard - that would seem a waste.

And so, with what started as a means to an end, started something within me. I started to enjoy the process of putting my thoughts on paper. I found solice in knowing that, even if no one was reading the words I wrote at least they were being recorded. Stupid as it seems the knowledge that for years to come the synapse connections in my head had had their resulting sparks etched on digital paper was bizarrely reassuring.

Moving on from writing this blog today I was bought my first journal. I thought journals were just for talking about your first period or how Sam from 3rd grade kicked Josie in recess (I watched too much TV as a kid). Turns out they are just a progression of this blog. The journal is just a nice place to put your thoughts and develop your ideas. It represents a vault for putting your musings on a day-to-day basis and ensuring that none of the revelation you have get forgotten. It allows for thoughts separated by years to be, potentially, pulled together to form an idea more complete than the sum of it’s parts.

I haven’t written in it yet but I’m excited to do so. Hand made paper wrapped in a bespoke leather etched design, odours mimicking the artisan nature of the book, I nearly fear writing within it. Tomorrow, fine point sharpie in hand, I will write. The words, the topic, the depth and bredth I am unsure of as yet, but I’m excited none-the-less.

I’m blabbering I know, but with good reason. Back to my question – Have you ever thought about writing? I ask as I guess you are like I was and therefore I urge you to consider. Start a blog, on anything, just start with a pen and a piece of paper and write. Choose a topic, regardless of what it is, just anything that makes you feel.

If you want to write about Oyster Card Holders then I’ll love you forever and you can send them me, but if you choose something more interesting I’ll not hold it against you. At one time I honestly felt like the words were not my own. I felt like my fingers moved independently of my brain, yet the markings were legible. More-over they were interestingly arranged. Maybe you’ll get to experience the same thing, I hope so, it was pretty cool!

If you do start writing, please do let me know, I’d be keen to follow-up and see where you’ve gone with it. The person who seems to have inspired me somewhat to start writing is visibly excited by my new ‘hobby’. I think, in the same way as a protege taking up the baton independently of the master, taking up the quill has made proud my favourite person, which in turn makes me happy.

For the moment, I’ll leave you. As always I’ve got to go do some designs and talk shop with clients on creating oyster card wallets for their promotional activities. I randomly had an inquiry from writing club 2 weeks ago looking for some oyster wallets. They didn’t end up ordering but they were an interesting bunch and I was glad to be able to quote them on a large range of oyster card wallet prices and variations. Oyster card wallets weren’t the right choice for their project but I’m meeting them next week so despite not winning the business, I’ll benefit in some way I’m sure, and I’ll let you know how I progress after tomorrow, of course.

Let me know how you progress too, I’m all ears.

James x