It’s been a while since my last oyster wallet post.

It’s been a while since I wanted to write.

I have no intention of writing about Oyster Card Holders, although, let’s be honest, this topic is why this is here. I’m only writing this because I’d like the business I’ve built up for 10 years to go on for a couple more. But Travel Card Holders mean shit.

I’m a well-read, educated, hard working person who wants to do good for this world. I have friends who are better read and better at expressing themselves and their opinions, for which I’m eternally jealous. This week I find that they are giving up. Giving up offering their voice, giving up reading to keep up-to-date and basically giving up giving a toss.

The world is upside down. From the almost incomprehensible brink of a war which we all will feel, down to anti-semetic notes in swiss hotels, the news is full of sad, sad portrayals of this world’s current state. To keep up with all this, gain an insight from self-education and offer your own opinion after hours of contemplation is, frankly, tiring. It’s soul destroying too, reading nothing but the worst of humanity. Combine that with your own struggles and fuck me, what’s the point?

Where does this leave us? Tired, frustrated, almost teary. Where can we go for relief?


I’ve recently been having coaching from a person recommended to me whilst in Spain. Coaches don’t tell you what to do, they ask you to question yourself. This week what came out was self-love. Inner appreciation.
The reason for this topic’s emergence doesn’t matter, but I think it helps here, because I’m also at the end of my tether.
The world is pulling us in all directions, we don’t know what to think, who to believe, who to trust, what to do and how we can improve on this situation. In truth, we can’t do fuck all. What we can do is work on ourselves. If we were all the best version of ourselves maybe we would collectively be seeking a better future.

Imagine Trump(f) was able to see the hatred his actions poured on the millions within his own country and the suffering his escalation of foreign policy was causing. Imagine he realised that for what it was. Imagine he empathised and ‘felt’ their hurt. Imagine he could change himself.

I use Trump, boringly I know, but just for ease. You can apply the same to every single one of us. We are all guilty to an extent of not being our best selves, me included.
Before we can think about changing how we act outwardly though, we need to reflect internally, with self-love.

Terrible terminology I know - Self-love. I almost want to call it inner-monster-truckin’ or something, just to stop reeling from the way the 2 words dance together, but let’s leave the ego behind too, that’s probably got to be addressed too soon.

Self-appreciation, let’s call it that. Having an appreciation for who you are, what you have and what you can do in this world has to be numero uno. I find myself criticising myself daily for things I wanted to achieve and haven’t. There are always good reasons but if I didn’t get X done, then that’s a fail. The fact I did YXABCDEFGH and I, before breakfast, ain’t important. Coming from a normal background I’m relatively very privileged so I should be able to achieve everything I want and more, right? Well, yes, but give yourself a break Jim. More than that, imagine what you could achieve if you didn’t have negativity on your side. How can having the red devil talking you down consistently be anything but a hindrance?

My opinion is that the only reason people in this world do bad things is because they are internally unhappy. That will be for many reasons and take on many forms, but if we can

So how can you start to L yourself. Well, I don’t know but let’s start by asking this question – ‘what would it look like if you truly loved you and everything about you’ Everything. I’m not just talking about how you look, I’m talking about what you do and how you are every second.

Take some time, not minutes, hours. Think about how you’d feel if every moment in your life you reflected and were grateful for the opportunity to be there and appreciated how you’d come to that position.

I’ll do the same and come back to you in a few posts time, we’re working on this together buddy, for the common good.

Love you x