I didn’t go to university to design oyster card holders, I went and did Genetics. Go figure. That’s not to say I don’t love travel card wallets and the daily promotion of companies we work with through the medium of plastic wallets. I went to Uni to prove myself.

I listened to a podcast today from Sam Harris, the notable American thinker who has some very interesting insights into a range of subjects. Today I heard him discuss how ‘specialisation’ has led to us losing sight of our innate goal as human beings. In specialisation, he means the desire by people to follow a single path in their life, more specifically, their work life.

People choose which path they want to dedicate their life to at a reasonably early age and put all their focus on that. What’s more, society values people who have a focused and defined path and, moreover, respects and holds highly those who specialise so much they become ‘unique’ in their ability in that narrow parameter.

I’m thinking footballers, tennis players, etc but he was meaning more people who become bankers, lawyers, whatever profession you like really.

There’s no issue with this, although I’d say not having a varied experience of life and an ability to empathise personally with people’s direction is a missed opportunity but he makes a good point - why don’t people put as much effort into being as amazing at being a good person?

I doubt people would argue that people put more emphasis and spend more time trying to excel at their jobs compared to their moral attitude or general personality. Given the fact that anyone looking back at a loved one at a wake would not list a record of professional achievements, more tending to list their personalities, is our focus misplaced?

I fully agree with him. I try, little by little to better myself, daily. I listed to podcasts on interesting subjects to bolster my understanding of people and become more empathetic. I read up on subjects to become more learned and try to gain as much knowledge as I can fit in my tiny noggin. I meditate and practice various spiritual practices when and where I can. But do I do that as much as I sit at a laptop? No, of course not.

I’d say I’m on the far side of this and the proportion of ‘self-betterment’ to ‘career-betterment’ is 8:1. Shouldn’t it be 50:50, at the very least?!

What would happen to society if everyone addressed this balance in themselves? The world would be incomparable to modern day. Altruism would be the dominant force in the world, education the predominant tool (not in forced institutions, organically derived curriculums from natural inquisition.

Once again, this has little to do with Oyster wallets, except for the fact that in trying to better myself I’m hopefully a better person, boss, colleague and worker. In writing these messages I’m hopefully invoking some questions in you too which might lead to action that benefits the universe in some way, which is a win in my book, if you ask me. You might get a better designed holder from me too, you never know.

I’d welcome your thoughts on this, and any other topic I write about (or you’d like covered, perhaps). In the meantime, have a think, spare some time to contemplate and look deep inside yourself for something more than the dribble your conscious mind perpetuates in your brain.


Love, always, Jimmy x