Meditating and travel card wallets, what’s the connection? Well, a strong one for me…

I’ve given you a story about meditation before, but that was more an interesting tit-bit about perceiving the World differently, today I’d like to let you into my day-to-day. For me, day-to-day includes an hour of meditation, or at least it should do!

Meditation is an interesting thing to build into your life as it seems rather nonsensical. How can sitting still for an hour benefit you other than in keeping you calm and relaxed for that one hour? More to the point, isn’t it better to have a nap?

Don’t you dare now go and have a nap. Stay with me now, I’ll bring it back to Travel Card wallets soon and you’ll love me for it. 😉

Meditation needs firstly to be a focus, not a relaxing nap. You need to be awake, sititng up straight and intently ‘in’ the moment. Lying down and being all comfy isn’t the point – you won’t get the full benefit, trust me.

So, OK, you’re happy to be a bit uncomfy for an hour, but where’s the benefit? Well, following meditation you’ll find a cloak cover your body and mind, as impermeable to bullshit, stress, anxiety and angst as strong as Batfink’s super cape (If you don’t remember Batfink then you’re too young, please leave this blog now and go read NME or whatever it is nowadays you guys do!)

I only bring this up as I had a few weeks of not meditating recently. For various reasons it didn’t happen with regularity, at least, and I’d noticed myself being less calm in daily situations where normally I’d be Hindu-cow-like. After an argument about the colour ratio on a designed travel card wallet, I decided to do something about it and get back on track.

Like anything when you’ve been out of it for a while, it takes time to get the feel for it again and to get over the hump where each day you don’t want to or don’t feel you can fit it in your day. So it’s a push (the exact opposite of what it should be).

So yesterday, without really ‘feeling’ it, I went outside to grab 20 minutes (start small). 5 minutes in and I felt amazing. The wind blew on me half like a caring grandma would a bump on the head when you’re a kid to sooth the area, and half like a typhoon might had I any concept of how that might feel not coming from the mid-west USA. Maybe you get that, maybe you don’t, but it felt gooooooood!

At 20 minutes I decided to extend the session to 40 minutes. At 40, to an hour. I sat there for another 5 minutes weighing up the options for either continuing again and suffering the 3rd degree burns from not putting sun tan cream on (I’m not in the UK this week) or just heading back to cook dinner. Oh, I said the word, that’s it, I’m hungry. Balls to meditation.

The walk home was mesmerising. I floated as if I’d never been hurt, upset or even knew those emotions even existed. I took a cheeky detour to the supermarket and grabbed a single beer and walked the long way home to cherish the feeling.

When home I greeted my girlfriend with the warmest hug she’s ever had and delved into questions about her day with the intensity it deserves but is rarely given.

The rest of the day was equally perfect and I slept like a baby who’d smoked pot.

The point of all this, is that it effected my entire day. The effect was incredibly strong, maybe too much had I needed to get some work out, but for what I needed at that moment, it was perfect. Had I been required to design oyster wallets or promotional travel card holders I’d hope to have been given focus, and I’m sure I would have - that’s the point, it puts you where you need to be.

I therefore implore you to give it a go. If you’ve tried it before then great, get back into it today, if you haven’t then look up beginners courses and watch a video or 2, it’s not exactly difficult.

Come back to me after 2 weeks of doing it everyday and tell me you don’t feel amazing. If you honestly don’t I’ll give you 10 Oyster Card Holders free with your face printed on it, I promise!

If you do have a good reaction, then I’ll happily accept your graceful thank you and I’ll sit happily in the knowledge that slowly but surely the World is realising the power of this simple technique.

I’m late for today’s session! Only kiddin’, time’s infinite and I can do it whenever the hell I like, I’m an adult.

Enjoy your quiet time kiddies, love you. x