Yey US.

Not the USA, Us. CarbonCube Design. We’re ace at Oyster Card Holder printing.

OK, OK, we’re not that good, but we aren’t shabby… I went through a list of our clients today and it’s kinda impressive.

Disney, FCUK, EA Sports, Skype, Citymapper, Topman, Lacoste, H&M, TESCO, Airbnb to name but a few! That’s a serious number of big companies wanting Oyster Card Holders. Now most of these have their own designers and we are simply a printing company to them, but then look at the start-ups we’ve helped. I noted 35 companies this year who had been trading for less than 1 year who needed our services. For most of them we are much more than a printing company, we ‘create’ the holders.

From discussing the end-goal, to designing some options, guiding the decision on which to go for, printing samples for further confirmation, printing, delivery and in some cases distribution. We offer a lot, if needed.

The reason for bringing this up is to, firstly, show our scope of assistance on offer but also to allow me to boast on the quality of what we offer.

Having clients such as Paramount Pictures who demand the most incredible resolution of print is awesome to add to our portfolio as it shows to you (the potential client?) that we can delivery on everything you would need. Professionalism in all aspects of the process.

I mentioned in a previous post that the process of printing an Oyster Card Holder is not as simple as you may expect and there are many aspects to it to ensure it is fit for purpose, but the actual print is of course the most important aspect, and one we had to invest heavily in.

Printing on PVC is not an easy feat and having the right HP printer is an absolute necessity.

This brings me back to litho printing. I’m not going to knock it, but if you are looking at serious colour re-production over a large quantity then litho for printing Oyster Card Holders on PVC is not the way forward. Digital printing is far more useful for getting the results you want.

Litho printing is a process where a plate is created with the design you request. This is then off-set into the dyes to pull the colours onto the substrate and the colours migrate across. Simple enough, but in making that plate there can be issues and depending on the printer used there can be many factors which can lead to the colours being transferred not holding true to the colour you specified on the creative file. It’s basically taking a digital file and making it analogue – lots of information can be lost!

With digital however, the information remains digital and is kept in that arena. Makes sense hey. If you create the design for your Oyster card holder in a digital format on photoshop, or whatever program you choose, then the less factors to change that file before the final outcome the better to ensure the best reproduction, of course.

That’s why we only have the best, highest quality HP digital printers on the market. We hire the best people and we have the most stringent QA process in place to ensure nothing stops you from getting the best travel card holders money can buy.

If you don’t believe me, we have an offer for you! We will print for free any design you can send us and we guarantee to print it better than any litho printer can. We’ll offer you a printed sample of the design of your oyster card holder or plastic wallet and you can compare to another supplier. If it’s not as clear we’ll print the job free of charge!

We are that sure that the quality of what we offer can not be beaten we’re offering this across the board.

Regardless of if you want to test us, the offer of a free printed sample is always open so please hit us up for it – it’s a great way to see if the design you are creating for your oyster card holder is as you imagine it in your head. If you need to redesign and try again, let’s do that, again, free.

Can you do this with litho printing? Nope, no you can’t!

Yep, we’re ace.

See ya’ll,

James x