Oyster Card Holders

Oyster Card Holder Printing

We specialise in printing Oyster Card holders for use in advertising and promotional campaigns.

We are the only UK company to focus purely on this product and therefore offer the best products at the best price, guaranteed.

Prices start from less than 10p each for full colour digital print with urgent orders turned around within days.

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Why Oyster Card holders?

  • High exposure

    Over 70% of London commuters carry an Oyster Card holder, which they see at least four times a day, giving your brand exposure unrivalled by any other form of advertising. The affection Londoners have for these holders also gives your campaign the potential to go viral.

  • Cost effective

    From 10p per unit, an Oyster Card holder campaign costs less than traditional media and provides long term exposure. Studies have also shown Oyster Card holders to have five times the recall rate of newspaper advertisements.

  • Targeted

    Using our distribution contacts, when Oyster Card holders are distributed from carefully chosen locations, a campaign can be used to specifically reach your preferred demographic, putting your brand in the hands of your target market.

Why CarbonCube Design?

  • Print quality

    The quality of the print can handle photo-quality images and fine detail designs. We ensuring that your brand is instantly recognisable and the vibrancy of your branding is replicated truly and the detail you intend to bring to the customer reproduced perfectly.

  • Impression

    Our Oyster Card holders are made up of more layers of PVC than others on the market, which adds to the thickness and therefore the feeling of quality that is associated with your brand.

  • Durability

    All our printing is covered by a matte or glass laminate rather than just a coating. This protects the integrity of your brand and ensures long term exposure of the campaign to potential customers.


“Great advertising in a simple way. Company is a pleasure to do business with, offering a much more personable experience than a lot of London companies.”


Ian Atkinson
Lead Consultant II – Team Lead at HP

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